The Simply Elegant Villa

An interesting project, delivered within a record time of two months.

A beautiful villa which combines the best of all worlds. A simple wooden floor sets everything up and the off-white walls make best use of the natural light that comes in from the wide windows which overlook the garden and pool, in the main sitting areas. The living room, study room, and dining room are all located in a really big room separated by clever uses of single steps that one goes up or down to “enter” a different area.

After talking with the family that would move in we made sure we would design a house that would be a unique home for every member of the family. The children had their rooms decorated according to their wishes and for the master bedroom we added a walk-in closet and on-suite bathroom.

Simplicity worked best in this project. The idea was to bring out the natural beauty of the place. There was no need for extra “punctuation”.

The Braun Residence


The Open House